18 thoughts on “SHINee Official Website

  1. hae shinee>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ma’ nam is atheer ilov shinee frenisz no beby shinee fary nays mooooor love <> shinee bay hhhhhhhhho ay saodie arbyi bay

  2. Anyeongheasayo Wow thank god SHINee have this website im so madly obses on SHINee seens the day that i knew thwm and found their natural talent that no one can copy xD I’m so happy :)

  3. Annyeong Oppas! I really really love you oppas . I love all your songs especially Boys Meet U and Ring Ding Dong <3 <3 Oppas saranghae . KEEP ON SHINING SHINee . I'm you number one fan here in Philippines Oppas . Shawols in Philippines loves you oppas :D :D

  4. Hello Hello ^_^
    I’m Fateme from iran….shinee ‘s oppas Are my haro ,my love ,my life,..
    i hope see u one Day ….ooooooh god i’m really love they …odoke?
    taeminaaaaaaaaaa baili come on side me kekekekeke :)

  5. Annyeo shinee i am rahel from ETHIOPIA , I am not big fan but i’m happy to hear that key is coming to ethiopia! I just want to say 1 thing pls come all u have so many fans here! Chebal ^_^ anyways kumawo fighting!… Seeya key!!

  6. #SHINee #youguysaresokawaii #california #youshoulddefinitelyperformhere #imnewtok-pop #comevisitLAagain #oppa #toomuchhastags
    So yeah love ya guys ^-^

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